Keynote speaker Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) joins AIASF for this half-day symposium that opens up the discussion on statewide and regional policies and practices. How will SB50 and other pending legislation affect San Francisco’s neighborhoods and Peninsula communities? We encourage attendees to be part of the conversation that will examine public transit, affordable housing, density and other issues impacting the Bay Area.



friday, june 28


9:10 - 9:45 AM

Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco)

California State Senator

Senator Scott Wiener represents San Francisco and northern San Mateo County in the California State Senate. Elected in 2016, Senator Wiener focuses extensively on housing, transportation, civil rights, criminal justice reform, clean energy, and alleviating poverty. He chairs the Senate Housing Committee. Before being elected to the Senate, Senator Wiener served as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, representing the district previously represented by Harvey Milk, and chaired the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. Before being elected to office, Senator Wiener practiced law for 15 years, including nearly a decade as a Deputy City Attorney in the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office. He also served in a number of community leadership roles, including co-chair of the San Francisco LGBT Community Center and on the national Board of Directors of the Human Rights Campaign. Senator Wiener has lived in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood since 1997. He received degrees from Duke University and Harvard Law School.


9:45 AM - 11:15 AM

Policy + Innovation (1.5 LUs)

Our current housing crisis, a crisis of availability and hence affordability, threatens to stall our economic engine and halt our ability to continue developing, due to rising construction costs.  What’s the difference between stalling out and ramping up? It’s political will, and the resulting laws that enable change. Simply put, the changes we need are within our grasp, and the tools we need to enact that change are policy driven. We in the AIASF Housing and Policy and Political Action Committees see policy as the fundamental tool to facilitate the evolution of our urban environment.  This panel of presenters will discuss their experiences developing and enacting policy and provide analysis at three levels of scale: California-wide, Bay Area regional and San Francisco-specific. 

Statewide Vision: Goals and Levers

Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) will discuss state initiatives present and pending.

Regional Vision: Goals and Levers
Analysis of effects of proposed policy and visions for policy yet to be drafted

Todd David, Executive Director, San Francisco Housing Action Coalition (SFHAC)

Liz Gibbons, Architect Council Member, City of Campbell

City-Specific Strategies: Enhancing/Advancing Our Neighborhoods

Design for Density and analysis of density strategies in the context of San Francisco.
Allison Albericci, Senior Architect/Urban Designer, City & County of San Francisco

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Policy + Innovation Applied (1.5 LUs)

How do we apply policy innovations?  Looking at precedents and visionary proposals, it is apparent that we can achieve promising improvements in our city and region with either modest changes to existing policies or the implementation of more expansive new policies.  Political will informed by data analysis and inspired visions for the near future can allow transformation of the Bay Area into an urban form that thoughtfully integrates housing with multi-modal mass transit in a stimulating composition that we can ultimately feel confident to call “home.” With proven urban design success in Hayes Valley and inventive proposals for new housing typologies block-by-block across the city, and more comprehensive strategies at the regional scale, this panel will address specific ways policy innovation can be applied to instigate change and ultimately resolve our housing needs.  

Realized Potential: Hayes Valley / PROXY

Examining thoughtful design as neighborhood catalyst, re-shaping an existing neighborhood.

Craig Hamburg, Senior Developer, Lendlease

Practicable Potential: Strategic Infill

Eugene Lew, AIA Emeritus, Founding Principal, Eugene Lew + associates

Re-programming & Re-purposing: Urbanizing the Region

Joe DiStefano, Principal and Co-Founder of UrbanFootprint (formerly Calthorpe Analytics)



Allison Albericci

Sr. Architect | City + County of San Francisco

Allison's expertise as an interdisciplinary practioner is driven by the challenge of reinventing the world’s cities to be smarter, more livable and more vibrant. As Senior Architect and Urban Designer for the San Francisco Planning Department, Allison draws on global insight, creative problem-solving, and collaborative thinking to address the challenges of the Bay Area. Allison’s recent projects include the India Basin Design Standards and Guidelines and the Hunters Point Shipyard D4D, among others. She regularly shares insight on Urban and Architectural issues and has presented at national and regional conferences, universities, think tanks, professional organizations and prominent firms.

Todd David

Executive Director | SFHAC

Todd has been SFHAC’s Executive Director since November 2016. He has been active in San Francisco politics throughout his professional career. Prior to joining SFHAC, Todd was the Political Director for Scott Wiener’s successful State Senate campaign. He’s a public school parent and founding member of the San Francisco Parent PAC. He also served as the Campaign Manager for the 2016 Recreation and Park funding measure as well as the 2014 Soda Tax. Todd is also an active community advocate, serving as the President of Residents For Noe Valley Town Square as well as Friends of Noe Valley.

Liz Gibbons

Architect Council Member | Campbell

Elizabeth “Liz” Gibbons, AIA, LEED AP, AIA Strategic Counselor At-Large, has held arrange of roles during her career as an architect.   Recently, Liz was re-elected the city council in Campbell, CA, population 42,000.  She participated at the A’18 Conference where she moderated the panel “How to House the Next 10,000 in your Neighborhood.”  As a Strategic Counselor At-Large, Liz was involved in the “Re-establishing the Role of City Architect”. Committed to architect involvement in the legislative process, Liz is working with the AIACA on the Citizen Architects Committee.

Eugene Lew

Principal | Eugene Lew + associates

Eugnene has a long engagement with housing from low cost FHA programs to the planning and design of new towns. With a Fulbright grant he has researched innovative approaches to urban housing in post-war Europe. To solve the housing crisis, he believes we need new, innovative housing typologies.

Craig Hamburg

Sr. Development Manager | Lendlease

Craig Hamburg recently joined Lendlease as a Sr. Development Manager and is leading the residential strategy across their Silicon Valley pipeline.  Craig previously was a Vice President with DDG overseeing approvals, design, construction and management of their West Coast platform, including four projects in Hayes Valley, where he also resides.  As an active community member, he currently serves as President of the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association as well as Co-chair and founding member of the Urban Land Institute’s San Francisco NEXT program for mid-career professionals.  Craig was previously a project manager with Intracorp San Francisco where he focused on condominium projects in San Francisco's emerging Hayes Valley and Mission Bay neighborhoods.  Prior to Intracorp San Francisco, Craig was Director of Operations at GLA Morris Development in
Truckee, CA.  


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